What gear do you use?

We use the professional range of Nikon, Canon & Sony digital cameras and lenses. You can take a look at Zen's kit on the ABOUT page. Backup equipment is also with us at every wedding. As with most creative folks, we often get carried away upgrading our equipment – rest assured, we have lots of awesome gear that we acquire month on month (to the horror of our accountants!).

For videography, we are extremely particular about the quality of the audio. We use wireless mics and audio recorders to make sure the vows and speeches are preserved for the final video. To give our videos a cinematic edge, we use sliders, glidecams and cranes.

Oh yes, we do love Macs! (And that’s another plus point for hiring us, yes?)



In most cases, your wedding photos will be ready within 6 weeks of your wedding.


My cousin just bought a digital camera, I hope you don’t mind if he takes photos together with you.

We surely don’t mind if they takes photos, but we require that we are the sole professional photographer for your event. During the time set aside for portraits, we ask that we are the only photographer, as too many photographers spoil the shot, and it can get downright distracting.

As professionals, we want to serve you nothing less than our best, and we cannot do that if we are competing with your relatives who also claim to be hired professionals for the day. (Believe us, we have encountered possessive relatives of all sorts!).


Do we need to prepare a meal for you during the wedding?

Well… we don’t eat much, and some food lining our tummies could help us take better photos. If you really don’t want to, we’ll try to get away with our muesli bar's that we always keep in the camera bags.

We prefer not to partake in your banquet, but would rather have a quick bite before the event. Hotels and caterers are familiar with the vendors meal and can help you prepare it.


What if you fall ill? Or, *gasp* die before our wedding?

You’re a morbid one, aren’t you? Just kidding. We have agreements with other professional photographers to stand-in for one another. You will be provided with a good replacement.


What are your payment methods and terms?

We’re fairly flexible and will accept cash, bank transfer, cheque or credit card, but we don’t accept livestock, sorry. Upon booking, we do request for a A$1,000 deposit to secure your date. Ask us about an interest free payment plan option! The balance is due on the shoot date.


I’ve got more questions that aren’t covered here.

Of course you do, and that’s precisely why we welcome you to contact us for a consultation session where we can either meet you in person (and show you how wonderfully friendly we are), video chat on Skype, or give you a complimentary phone call (yes, even if you are in North Pole, we will initiate the call).